Belgian Borzoi Club
For Borzoi amateurs, owners and breeders
The Belgian Borzoi Club was founded on the 29th of November 1998 under the official name “Club belge du Borzoï” – abbreviated “C.B.B.” with Ms Georgette Dupret (kennel ‘de la Polianka’) as the Honorary President.
The association is affiliated to the K.K.U.S.H.-U.R.C.S.H. (Royal Cynologique Union St-Hubertus, affiliated to the Fédération Cynologique Internationale - F.C.I.) under number 1152, section 3 (dog breeding not submitted to working trials and sight hounds) and section 4A (shows).
The statutory purpose of the association is to promote, protect and improve the Borzoi breed.  She will organize meetings, competitions and shows,  participate to racings and coursings.  All useful resources can be used to promote the breeding and the use of pure breed dogs.
Our 1st open show ‘reserved for Borzois’ was organized on the 19th march 2000 in Wavre with an entry of 44 Borzois. On the 28th of September 2003, we organized our 1st CAC show in Wavre where Mr. Bernard Barjot from France was the judge.
The purpose of our association is to bring people together who share the passion for our aristocrats.
Every year we organise our breed special, the Belgian Borzoi Special, which has grown into a not-to-be-missed Barzoi day for amateurs, interested people, breeders and owners, and this for participants as well as visitors.
It is the place to Be (where the B stands for Borzoi in Belgium) not only to see many Borzois together in a relaxed environment, to meet breeders from home and abroad, but also just to talk about the Borzoi.
Members are offered a discount of 5 € per registered dog.

We do not limit ourselves to this once-only opportunity to get in touch with others and therefore activities are organised for our members on a regular base. 
These are usually walks in the early afternoon and if the location lends itself to it, with the possibility for the Borzois to get acquainted first at a dog pasture where they can run around together while waiting for everyone to arrive. We always try to end the walk with a cosy terrace for those who wish to do so.
An impression of our activities with many happy Barzois and owners can be found in our photo album.
These activities are free of charge for our members. Non-members can participate on invitation with a contribution of 10 € per person.
Invitation can be done by another member or by sending us a request to be invited.

Members also receive twice a year (in January and July) our club magazine Borzoi-News.
Executive Board
President : Mrs. Valérie Sauveur  ✆  0032 (0)67 45 88 96
Secretary-Treasurer : Mrs. Jans  ✆  0032 (0)2 688 24 09
Commissaire : Mrs. Lucie Sterckx
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