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Club Belge du Borzoï   vzw-asbl   URCSH-KKUSH N°. 1152
The official Belgian breed club for the
Borzoi - Russkaya Psovaya Borzaya
For Borzoi amateurs, owners and breeders
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Welcome to the Belgian Borzoi Club homepage, the only official breed club for Borzois in Belgium.
You will find here general breed information, information about our club, the club events with results and pictures, our breeders' list with their breeders' news, ...
Enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to contact us for specific questions concerning these 'Russian Aristocrats'.
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20-11-2018     Update puppies :
Puppies born on 13-11-2018 (5 Males/2 Females) at Marianne Geerlings e/v Wijnsberge (Tsarskaya Imperii)
15-11-2018     Borzoï-Info 19 - November 2018
Activities december 2018
Belgian Borzoi Special 23-9-2018   Belgian Borzoi Special 23-9-2018   BELGIAN BORZOI SPECIAL 23-9-2018 : Update results & pictures
  Walk Boom   Pictures Walk in Boom 29/10/2017
  International C.A.C. Show in Noorderwijk
18th «Borzoï» special
Results & Pictures
  Walk Heverlee   Pictures Walk in Heverlee 29/7/2017
4-5-2017   Update puppies :
Puppies born on 28-04-2017 (3 Males/7 Females) at Wela Steenvoorden (Dvorets-Borzogo)
  Walk Vilvoorde   Pictures Walk in Vilvoorde
(Domein 3 Fonteinen) 26/3/2017
  Walk Bolderberg   Pictures Walk in Bolderberg
(Heusden-Zolder) 11/2/2017
26-2-2017   Update puppies :
Female available at Valérie Sauveur (du Pré du Château)
Puppies born on 21-02-2017 (4 Males/4 Females) at Ellen van der Meijden-Duffhues (van de Marloe)
  Walk Heindonk   Pictures Walk in Heindonk 3/12/2016
  Run, Fun & Walk in Sint-Truiden   Pictures Run, Fun & Walk in Sint-Truiden 12/11/2016
4-11-2016   Puppies born on 28-10-2016 (3 Males/3 Females) at Deborah Soete (Chyerdak)
  International C.A.C. Show in Herk-de-Stad
17th «Borzoï» special
Results & Pictures
  For Young & Old Gaasbeek   Pictures For Young & Old in Gaasbeek 3/9/2016
  Summerwalk Tervuren   Pictures Summerwalk in Tervuren 6/8/2016
17-07-2016   Puppies born on 10-7-2016 (2 Males/3 Females) at du Pré du Château (Valérie Sauveur)
Day at sea 11-6-2016   Pictures Day at sea 11/6/2016
Walk Zoersel 22/5/2016   Pictures Walk in Zoersel 22/5/2016
Spring Walk Meerle 23/4/2016   Pictures Spring Walk in Meerle 23/4/2016
Winterwalk Kessel (Nijlen) 6/2/2016   Pictures Winterwalk in Kessel (Nijlen) 6/2/2016
6-2-2016 Update breeders list :
Eddy & Bianca Van Hoof-Bekers (of Russian Dreams) - B


  Run & Fun & Walk Sint-Truiden 7/11/2015   Pictures Run, Fun & Walk in Sint-Truiden 7/11/2015
  International C.A.C. Show in Sint-Truiden
16th «Borzoï» special
Results & Pictures
14-10-2015 Update breeders list :
Wela Steenvoorden (Dvorets-Borzogo) - NL
11-9-2015   Update breeders list :
Marij Tuip (Pagranitsjniki) - NL
Ellen van der Meijden-Duffhues (van de Marloe) - B


  Summerwalk 9/8/2015 Rivierenhof Deurne (Antwerpen)   Pictures Summerwalk Rivierenhof in Deurne (Antwerpen) 9/8/2015


  Run for Fun 20/6/2015 Sint-Truiden   Pictures Run for Fun & Walk in Sint-Truiden 'Provinciaal Domein Nieuwenhoven' 20/6/2015


  Walk with lunch 30/5/2015 Sivry-Rance   Pictures Walk & lunch Sivry-Rance 30/5/2015
16-3-2015   Winterwandeling Zoniënwoud 15/3/2015 Jezus-Eik (Overijse)   Pictures Winterwalk 15/3/2015
Zoniënwoud-Forêt de Soignes Jezus-Eik
2015 ... Best Wishes
  Internationale C.A.C. Show in Graty
15th «Borzoï» special
7-10-2014 Results & pictures
10-06-2014     Pictures Walk & BBQ
Sivry-Rance 25/5/2014
2-03-2014     Pictures Winterwalk Tervuren 23/2/2014
17-02-2014   Puppies born on 6-2-2014 at du Pré du Château (Valérie Sauveur)
2014 ... Best Wishes
18-12-2013   Communication : The Netherlands are Rabies free again
20-11-2013   Communication : France and the Netherlands are banned of the rabies free countries
Club Belge du Borzoï